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  • Shining the Light on Dark Data - Scaling

    Russ Loignon

    Nashville, Tennessee, January 31, 2018 – Lucd (Deep Insight Solutions, Inc), empowering decisions and innovation, announces a paper written by its CTO, David Bauer Jr., Ph.D., on innovation the company will leverage. Lucd’s strong experience and differentiating innovation is needed for businesses to drive value in the nascent artificial intelligence and machine learning space. Lucd is launching an end-to-end AI platform that can be used to identify trends, support decisions and stimulate innovation. The product is currently available as a cloud service.

    Dr. Bauer has been foremost leader in Big Data and Distributed Computing in the U.S. intelligence community since 2005. He has dedicated his efforts to solving hard problems using Distributed Computing. He has pioneered code that has executed across 2 million CPUs and developed the first Cloud and Big Data Platform Certified & Accredited for use in the Federal Government for highly sensitive and classified data. Among some of the major challenges he has tackled include applying machine learning to Synthetic Biology to create Chemical Warfare sensors; developing the first MULTIINT data fusion platform using Big Data and AI for the U.S. Intelligence Community; developing the first distributed computing platform to demonstrate super-linear scalability up to 2 million CPUs at Lawrence Livermore; and developing a major report for the GAO and DHS National Communications System that combined analysis of the effects of pandemic influenza on Internet communications, the US Economy and Banking System, and Financial Markets. Dr. Bauer has led the development in key areas for study in Exa-scale computing at DARPA and has worked on many unique problems at the DNI, CIA, NSA, NRO, US SOCOM, DARPA, FBI, DOJ, NGA and DIA, as well as the U.S. Army, Air Force and Marines.

    “99% of the innovation in AI has not happened yet,” said Dr. Bauer. “At Lucd, we are bringing together a team of seasoned experts that will unleash that innovation. We have solved the hard problems around large-scale distributed execution of Deep Learning through automatic model creation, selection and optimization; combined with our leadership in end to end data ingestion, Cybersecurity, and analytics so that businesses of all shapes and sizes will realize the benefits of AI for digital transformation”

    Dr. Bauer’s paper, Shining the Light on Dark Data, is available here:

    About Deep Insight Solutions develops pioneering capabilities in AI, Big Data, Data Fusion and Machine Learning. Deep Insight leverages these capabilities to deliver to the needs of AI innovators that are transforming business and public-sector organizations. 

    Contact: Russ Loignon, VP Market and Business Development Strategy 
    Email: Russ.Loignon@Lucd.ai 
    Phone: +1 615-619-5823


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Lucd is an AI software platform company that supports multiple industry verticals, allowing for its users to build enterprise-ready AI solutions with Low Code / No Code development practices. Lucd supports the entire AI lifecycle, allowing for the secure fusing of structured and unstructured data, empowering data analysts as well as business professionals to work collaboratively, resulting in reduced time to uncover new opportunities and solutions.

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