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  • Lucd Launches Company Website

    Russ Loignon

    Nashville, Tennessee, March 7, 2018 – Lucd, who invents AI powered solutions for business, announces the launch of it’s new company website Lucd.ai. Lucd’s strong experience and differentiating innovation is needed for businesses to drive value in the nascent artificial intelligence and machine learning space. It is Lucd’s mission to develop pioneering capabilities in AI, Big Data, Data Fusion and Machine Learning. Through the new company website Lucd takes another step delivering on that mission.

    Lucd.ai will be interactive, provide quick navigate, timely updates and easy access requesting demonstrations. A growing list of features includes integrated blog, social media, document repository, partner resources, innovation publications and product information all designed around empowering the Enterprise with AI information.

    “Communication about AI is too complex and aligned sometimes to ‘scary futures’, and not the tangible specific capabilities aligned to business needs and that can be consumed by businesses looking to achieve success.” Said John Leschorn, COO, Lucd. “The newly launched website will offer extensive product information, uncluttered design and functionality, quick access to solution details, partners and in-house thought leadership. We are excited that Lucd.ai will provide clear information that end users, potential customers, partners and the media can use to better understand how to use AI.”

    “Lucd.ai will be an active tool we will use to link our AI inventions to our partners and customer’s initiatives to drive value” said Lucd Chief Technical Officer, Dr. David Bauer, PhD, Distributed Computing. Lucd creates the capabilities businesses and public entities need to build new ways of doing business, new customer interactions and new products and services through the use of AI and Machine Learning.

    About Lucd
    Lucd develops pioneering capabilities in AI, Big Data, Data Fusion and Machine Learning. Lucd leverages these capabilities to deliver to the needs of AI innovators that are transforming business and public-sector organizations. For more information visit lucd.ai.

    Russell Loignon, Senior Vice President - Business & Market Strategy
    Email - Russ.Loignon@lucd.ai 
    Phone - +1(615)619 5823


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Lucd is an AI software platform company that supports multiple industry verticals, allowing for its users to build enterprise-ready AI solutions with Low Code / No Code development practices. Lucd supports the entire AI lifecycle, allowing for the secure fusing of structured and unstructured data, empowering data analysts as well as business professionals to work collaboratively, resulting in reduced time to uncover new opportunities and solutions.

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